• What can I expect from the lounge?

    Each airport lounge offers different benefits and conditions. Some are located before security/passport control, others after it. Larger airports may have multiple lounges located in different terminals. When planning your trip, please check lounge availability, conditions and location via your LoungeKey™ app or follow the link that applies to you: LOVERSCARD: www.loungekey.com/xpay-black

  • Can I bring a guest to the lounge?

    Yes, guest visits are possible for a fee of € 28. The fee is simply and easily paid by your ("LoversCard“) Mastercard® debit card.

  • How do I get access to a LoungeKey™ Airport Lounge?

    As an authorized cardholder, you can register via a link (see below) before you travel and find a lounge at your next desired airport. Please have your ("card program") Mastercard® debit card and travel documents handy when entering the airport lounge. As a cardholder, you receive four free entries to hundreds of airport lounges around the world each year, regardless of the airline or class of travel booked. Each additional entry or guest visit is subject to a € 28 fee. A requirement for lounge access is a minimum balance of € 28 on your ("card program") Mastercard® debit card. The price for lounge access will be earmarked as payment and collected according to the card program or released within 30 days. Payment is only possible via the card itself. LOVERSCARD: www.loungekey.com/xpay-black