• What is the available amount on my "LoversCard“ Debit Mastercard®?

    In principle, as high as your account balance. However, we have set up a transaction limit for security purposes. You can view and individually set this in your online banking (https://portal.xpay.cards) under the menu item "Settings" and there under "Transaction limits".

  • Is contactless payment (NFC) possible with the "LoversCard“ Debit Mastercard®?

    Yes, with the "LoversCard“ Debit Mastercard® you can also make contactless payments using the integrated NFC chip. This means that you do not have to insert the "LoversCard“ Debit Mastercard® into the payment terminal when paying; simply holding the card up to the reader is sufficient. For smaller amounts (usually less than 25 euros), you do not even need to authorize the transaction with your PIN. NFC is the abbreviation for "Near Field Communication". NFC is an international transmission standard for the contactless exchange of data over short distances (a few centimeters). Note: Please note that the card must be used once in the terminal before the first contactless payment.

  • Where can I withdraw money with my "LoversCard“ Debit Mastercard®?

    Withdrawals are possible at all cash machines that accept contactless payment methods of Mastercard®. The card is suited for contactless payments and withdrawals only. For more Information, please refer to the terms and conditions for any restrictions. These can be found in the "Legal documents" section (card website legal). When withdrawing money in a foreign currency country, make sure that you are charged in the local currency. This will help you avoid high additional fees from third-party providers.

  • Can I pay abroad with my "LoversCard“ Debit Mastercard®?

    Yes. There are many millions of Mastercard® acceptance points worldwide. Anywhere Mastercard® is accepted, you can pay with your "LoversCard“ card.

  • Can I use my "LoversCard“ Debit Mastercard® in a foreign currency?

    Yes, it is also possible to use your "LoversCard“ Debit Mastercard® in foreign currencies. Our tip: When abroad, always consciously choose to pay in local currency. This way is not free of charge - the fees from our price list (www.loverscard.xpay.cards/de/fees) apply here - but much cheaper.

  • Do I have to enter my secret code when I shop on the Internet?

    No, you must not do this under any circumstances. For Internet payments, please use the three-digit security code (CVV/CVC code) on the back of your card. This is to ensure that you have the card in your hands when making an Internet purchase.

  • How can I pay with my "LoversCard“ Debit Mastercard® on the Internet?

    You can also use the "LoversCard“ Debit Mastercard® on the internet. Select "Credit card" as the payment method and "Mastercard®" as the card type. The prerequisite is that the purchase amount is covered by your current credit on your linked account.

  • How can I pay with my "LoversCard“ Debit Mastercard® in the store?

    You can simply use your "LoversCard“ Debit Mastercard® at the checkout, provided the store accepts Mastercard® and the purchase amount is covered by your current balance in your linked account.

  • Where can I use my "LoversCard“ Debit Mastercard®?

    After activating, setting up and topping up the account, you can use your "LoversCard“ Debit Mastercard® in accordance with Mastercard® regulations wherever Mastercard® is accepted - whether for online shopping, on site in stores or even at ATMs.