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  • When can I cancel?

    There is a cancellation period of one month. The effective date for your cancellation is the date of your order. For example, if the card was ordered on the 15th of a month, the cancellation is also effective on the 15th of the month.

  • When is the first yearly fee due?

    The yearly fee will be charged for the first time in the order process of the card. After one year, the new yearly fee will be due at the exact date of purchase of the year before. This amount will be charged on your ''LoversCard''.

  • Change of name or address

    You can change your address at any time in the Payment Portal To change or update your name, please contact our customer support. To do so, please use the contact form under

  • Replacement card

    A replacement card is necessary in the following cases: • Your name has changed • Your card is damaged • Your card cannot be found • Your card has been stolen You can apply for a replacement card in the Payment Portal under the menu item "My card - Replacement card". When you apply for a replacem...

  • Cancellation

    You can terminate your contract at any time in the Payment Portal under "Settings -> Cancel account".

  • My "LoversCard“ Debit Mastercard® has not arrived

    Normally, you will have your new "LoversCard“ Debit Mastercard® in your mailbox within three working days after sending the order form. If this is not the case - there is no need to worry. Sometimes the postal delivery cannot be completed and accordingly it takes some time for the letter to reach...

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