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  • How and where can I change my personal data?

    In the Payment Portal ( under the tab "Settings", you can adjust your personal data such as address, cell phone number or email address at any time. In addition, you can also change your password and / or your security question. If you can no longer log in and you no lon...

  • Where can I see the fees?

    In your Payment Portal (, you can view your open charges and when they are due under "My card -> Fees". Under the "Turnovers" tab, you will find the "Show fees" button to view the fees charged in your turnover overview.

  • How can I retrieve my transactions?

    Your turnover is available in the Payment Portal ( under the "Transactions" tab. You can select the period for which you want to display the transactions. You will find an overview of your fees in the Payment Portal under the "Show fees" tab. You can also create a PDF fo...

  • An incorrect transfer was made to my account by mistake - what can I do?

    The client must submit a request for re-transfer to his bank. When this request is delivered to us by his bank, we will transfer the amount back to the client with your permission.

  • How do I execute a bank transfer?

    In your Payment Portal (, you will find the transfer function under the menu item "Account functions".

  • Why do I have to enter a TAN every time I log in, or why is authentication required in the Payment Portal?

    Entering a TAN when logging in is for your security. In general, you will always be prompted to enter a TAN when you want to log in with a device that is still unknown. In the following cases, you will be prompted (again) to enter a TAN when logging in: 1. you are using a new device Eac...

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